4 Cool Cocktails for a Hot Phoenix Summer

4 Cool Cocktails for a Hot Phoenix Summer - thecanigliagroup.com

Photo courtesy of Okra

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, but we all know that the season turned in Phoenix weeks ago. We’re already planning our happy hours around the best cool-down cocktails in the North Central Corridor and thought we’d share some of our favorites with you. Take note. And watch for us at the bar.

Mint Julep at Okra ($8): Seriously, how refreshing does that Mint Julep (pictured above) look? You can’t deny it! Okra actually has a collection of five Juleps on their menu, each taking a unique spin on this traditional Southern beverage. But even their most basic mint version, a simple mash-up of bourbon, mint and sugar, is downright delicious.

Gin Rickey at The Womack ($10): When it comes to cocktails, this North Central lounge is all about the classics – Old Fashioned, Tequila Sunrise, Irish Coffee and the likes. During the summer months, we always reach for the citrus-infused Gin Rickey. The combo of lime, lemongrass and mint with a splash of soda is pretty unbeatable.

Sunny Slope Iced Tea at Joe’s Midnight Run ($9): This cocktail is serious business. It’s a local take on the traditional Long Island, blending four different types of liquor – vodka, gin, rum and tequila – with orange liqueur, lemon and pineapple juice, blue curacao and allspice dram. Not for the lightweights of the bunch!

Coco Verde at Casa Añejo ($13): How can a drink with crushed ice in it not be perfect for a Phoenix summer? Casa Añejo is one of the North Central Corridor’s newest hotspots and its cocktail lineup is pure gold. Besides crushed ice, the Coco Verde is made from green chartreuse, blanco tequila, coconut, lime and pineapple. Need we say more?